Attendance is compulsory for New Zealand citizens and residents aged between six and 16 years.
Regular attendance at school is fundamental to student learning. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve educational success, and increase their career and life options.

Parents/caregivers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends our school regularly (Education Act 1989 No. 80: Part 3 No. 25). Our school shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that students who are required to attend the school whenever it is open, do so – we expect at least 90% attendance. A student’s attendance is monitored from data that teachers enter electronically each day. The school office must be contacted if a child is absent, either by:

  • Phone, by texting the reason to 2807 SMS (short message service)
  • Completing a Report an Absence online form – you can do this by clicking on the button
Report an absence online

Absences of more than three days through illness should be backed up by a medical certificate. If the school is not informed of the reason a child is absent, attempts to contact the parent will be made on the first and subsequent days of the absence through our School News Channel. This is a system which texts cellphones and sends e.mails to parents/caregivers. Parents/caregivers simply need to respond to the message by texting/e.mailing the reason your child is away. The Kaitaia and Districts Truancy Service (KDTS) is authorized to investigate absences on behalf of the school.