Traveling to school on the bus is a privilege not a right. Pupils who compromise bus safety will be asked to find alternative methods of traveling to school.

Issues to do with the bus should in the first instance be addressed to the Deputy Principal who is the bus controller.

Only pupils living 4.8 km or further from the school are eligible to travel by school bus. Ineligible pupils must apply to the Bus Companies if they wish to use the buses. There is a small charge for ineligible students. Bus pupils are not to swap buses without permission from the bus controller.

Bus Forms

Bus Permission Form
Petricevich bus agreement for ineligible students

Bus Behaviour Policy

Bus drivers deal with more and more behaviour issues on the bus. This is difficult to do while driving, and compromises the safety of both the driver and his/ her passengers. Therefore it is vital that an effective and hard hitting policy is put in place that gives the bus driver power to deal with misbehaviour immediately.

Student Conduct On The Bus

  • Food or drink is to stay in school bags.
  • Sit on bus seats appropriately.
  • Students are to remain seated in the place they choose from the start of their bus journey to and from school, while the bus is moving.
  • Speak respectfully and in a quiet tone.  Quiet should be defined as “In a tone that does not distract the driver from driving.”
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Any sporting equipment must be stowed safely in school bags, under the seat or at the front of the bus.
  • Students must get off only at their regular stop unless prior arrangement has been made with the school bus controller.
  • A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected from students at all times and school rules must be adhered to.
  • Students are expected to be at their stops at least (5) minutes before the bus arrives.

Misbehaviour on Buses

  • Should students misbehave on the buses the following procedures will be observed.
  • Students will be warned by the driver for minor and isolated incidents of misconduct.
  • The driver / operator will report persistent misbehaviour to the company they work for and in turn, the company will contact the school.
  • Where gross misconduct or general disorder occurs the driver will select a safe place, stop the bus, resuming the journey when order is restored.
  • The driver / operator will make a report to the school within 24 hours.
  • Students can be suspended from the bus by the school bus controller –

a)      while a complaint is being investigated
b)      as a disciplinary measure
c)      if their presence is thought to compromise the safety of the other students.


  •   Under no circumstances is the bus company to drop a child off at a point other than their destination.
  •   Students are to stay on their designated bus route.  They are not to get off at the College and walk to Kaitaia Intermediate School.

By allowing your child to use the buses, all parties agree to these procedures.