Kaitaia Intermediate School Expectations

The 3 main guidelines are “Respect, Responsibility and Relationships”

Respect – Respect yourself, respect other people, respect property
Responsibility – Look after your possessions, complete tasks, be a contributing school member
Relationships – Form positive relationships with whanau, peers and adults

Come to Class Prepared

  • Wear correct uniform at all times.
  • Arrive on time – unless you are a bus pupil do not arrive before 8.20
  • Tie long hair up as required, e.g. during Technology classes
  • Have appropriate stationery


The only jewellery to be worn is:

  • Simple stud earrings
  • Taonga

The following items are not acceptable:

  • Rings, facial piercing of any kind, nail polish or bracelets. Any tattoos must be covered.


The expectation that all students will attend at least 90% of the time. This means no more than 19 days absent for the year.

Out of Bounds

The following areas are out of bounds:

  • Outside of the school fence or gates
  • Around the back of the school
  • The car parks
  • The dairy
  • In a classroom without a teacher present
  • The staffroom
  • Near the Technology block when outside schools are at Technology


Many pupils cycle to school and bike stands are located within our grounds for their convenience. It is compulsory to wear a cycle safety helmet both to and from school. Pupils who do not wear helmets to or from school will have their bicycles stored safely away until they commit to wearing a helmet.

Cyclists are expected to dismount from their bikes outside the school gate and walk /wheel bikes into the school grounds. Cyclists heading towards town after school are expected to use the pedestrian crossing. This positions them to ride their bikes on the correct side of the road. For security, bike locks are recommended.

  • Bikes must be pushed in school grounds.
  • Cyclists must wear helmets.
  • Bikes to have a lock.


  • PE gear to be worn for all PE lessons. This includes hats for Terms 1 and 4.
  • Togs and towel for swimming lessons.
  • Wear swimming caps when using the school pool.

Physical Education should occur at least once a week in each class and assist pupils with physical fitness, strength, speed and coordination. Students are required to wear the correct PE uniform, plain black shorts and KIS P.E. T-shirt (hat is required for Term 1 and 4).

We have a school pool facility with children having access to it at least once a day over the swimming season. Pupils are expected to participate in swimming sessions as they are a part of the school programme like all other subjects. Lunch time swims are available each day for a small charge. For health and safety reasons approved swimwear and swimming caps must be worn.


  • Recycle where appropriate.
  • Put litter in bins


  • Chewing gum, fizzy drink, energy drinks and lollies are not allowed.
  • Remain seated while eating.


The basis of school discipline is Assisted Discipline (AD). This is a two tier system:

  • AD 2 for repeated rule breaking or ‘very inappropriate behaviour’.
  • AD 3 being for offences against people or property.

AD 2 is a lunchtime detention and AD 3 is three lunchtime detentions with one day off for good behaviour.
A letter will be sent home for AD 3, detailing the incident. AD detention begins at 1.25 pm and finishes at 1.50 pm. Pupils on AD 2 or 3, report to the AD room at 1.20 pm.

A number of staff have been trained to use ‘Restorative Justice’ practices. If a major conflict arises between pupils the school may elect to call a Restorative Justice meeting to resolve the issue.

Peer Mediators are trained to mediate issues that arise between pupils. When used correctly Peer Mediators significantly reduce friction between upset pupils and the need for an adult to become involved.

Phones and Gadgets

Pupils are not permitted to use the school phones unless the use pertains to school activities or events.

Gadgets such as MP3 players, Ipods, cameras and cell phones are not permitted at school. If a child needs to bring a cell phone it must be handed in at the office for safe keeping. The school accepts no liability
whatsoever for their safety. If a child is found to have a cell phone or gadget at school it will be confiscated and must be picked up by an adult.

Lost Property

Enquire at the school office for any lost property. All clothing must be named.