Learning Programmes

Impress Reading

Impress Reading is a reading programme available at Kaitaia Intermediate School to assist children who are reading below their chronological age. It is a comfortable, non-threatening way to boost reading and comprehension.

Our data shows that for every hour pupils spend on Impress Reading their reading age increases on average by 1.6 months. The programme runs for 10 weeks, after which time the children are tested again. Groups have up to six children in them who are reading at a similar level.

Reading Mileage

Reading mileage is another reading programme that we have available to help raise reading achievement. It also has proven results.


Lexia is a computer program available at our school. It is a good strategy for filling those gaps which occur very early in a child’s reading journey and have not been identified. It helps children who have not yet mastered the basic skills needed to identify words and enable them to read, i.e. vowels sounds, consonants and blends. The program enables the teacher to administer a test online which places the student at the correct level. As the child masters skills, they progress through the levels. It is particularly useful for pupils identified as dyslexic. The Lexia program gets a very positive response from the pupils.

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One of our classrooms has been especially set up to run “Successmaker” which is a programme of instruction accessed on computers. It contains courses in Mathematics, Reading, Spelling and Language. It is tailored to suit each pupil’s individual needs. Lessons run for 30 minutes five days per week. To be eligible pupils must show excellent school attendance.