Reporting to Parents

Reports and Interviews

  • Within the first six weeks of school all teachers will make an opportunity to meet with all parents. This is an informal parent / teacher meeting.
  • Informal Written Report is issued in Term 1.
  • Written Report One is issued at the end of Term 2 to coincide with Parent / Pupil / Teacher interviews.
  • Written Report Two is issued in December.
  • Parents must attend these interviews to receive these reports.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s class at any time.

If you wish to make an appointment to see any teachers, this can be done via the school office at 408 1490.

Each pupil’s report should give the following information:

  • The achievement standard expected for each child.
  • The child’s achievement level.
  • The child’s progress over a period of time.
  • Areas for the child and teacher to work on together to make improvement.
  • Area worked on at home.