School Hours

School office is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Pupils are discouraged from arriving at school too early. They are of course permitted in the grounds, but with no access to school property until teacher supervision is to begin.

8.20 a.m

Teachers on duty

8:50am – Start of block 1

10:05am – Brain Break 

10:15am -Start of block 2

11:25pm – Interval

11:45pm – Start of block 3

12:55pm – Lunch 

1:05pm – End of Lunch Eating

1:40pm – Start of block 4

2:45pm – End of day pack up

2:50pm – End of School Day

Signal Meaning
1 ring (3 seconds) Start or end of lessons
2 rings (first time) Start of wet play/ lunch as in ‘ IN’
3 rings (second time) End of wet play/ lunch as in ‘OUT’
Continuous ringing Fire Alarm
Continuous intermittent ringing Earthquake