The school library is an important part of the teaching and learning programme.   

It provides resources to support students with their learning and a range of material to engage students in reading and promote a love of books and literature.  

Our school library offers a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, reference and other resource material which caters for a wide variety of reading and interest levels.  

Our Librarian is committed to supporting students with their learning and to providing a space that students love to work in and be in. Our Library is open at lunchtimes to provide another opportunity for students during breaks.   

What makes an effective school library?

The school library is a central hub supporting every student and staff member, as well as parents and whānau. The library combines several elements — library staff, resources, and space. Each of these plays an important part in supporting teaching and learning. School libraries are most effective when these elements combine to form an integrated whole.

An effective school library: