The Visual Arts programme at Kaitaia Intermediate aims to provide all students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively througha wide range of media such as drawing, painting, screen printing, ceramics, construction and printmaking.

By engaging in the visual arts, students learn how to participate in, and celebrate their own and others’ visual worlds. They learn about different artists and develop practical techniques and problem solving skills.

Visual Arts students explore, refine, and communicate their own artistic ideas by responding to how art expresses identity, culture, ethnicity, ideas, feelings, moods, beliefs, political viewpoints, and personal perspectives. Through engaging in the visual arts, students learn how to discern, participate in, and celebrate their own and others' visual worlds.

Visual Arts literacy is developed through creativity and connection, inquiry and production, challenge and invention, and transformation and empowerment. Students create and respond to works using curiosity, collaboration, courage, critical thinking, and creativity. They confidently use iterative and cyclical processes of practising, selecting, reflecting, editing, and refining to create a cohesive and fluent artistic expression or body of work. By learning to identify Visual Arts conventions, students will also understand how these conventions communicate meanings through intention within established practice.