School Buses

Travelling to school on the bus is a privilege, not a right.  Students who compromise bus safety will be asked to find alternative methods of travelling to school.  Issues to do with the bus should in the first instance be addressed to the Deputy Principal who is the bus controller.  Only students living 3.2 km or further from the school are eligible to travel by school bus. Ineligible students may use the bus, provided there is space available.  The school will seek permission from the bus company on your behalf.  Bus students are not to swap buses without permission from the bus controller. This will only be considered if your child brings a note from home, or you have contacted the school personally. 



Student Conduct On The Bus


▪          Food or drink is to stay in school bags.

▪          Sit on bus seats appropriately.

▪          Students are to remain seated in the place they choose from the start of their bus journey to and from school, while the bus is moving.

▪          Speak respectfully and in a quiet tone.  Quiet is defined as ‘in a tone that does not distract the driver from driving’.

▪          Keep your hands to yourself.

▪          Any sporting equipment must be stowed safely in school bags, under the seat or at the front of the bus.

▪          Students must get off only at their regular stop unless prior arrangement has been made with the school bus controller.

▪          A reasonable standard of behaviour is expected from students at all times and school rules must be adhered to.


Students are expected to be at their stops at least five minutes before the bus arrives.